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Three Holiday Menus


with Ashlee Redger
Test Kitchen Chef
November 26, 2018
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Three Holiday Menus

It’s the midst of the holiday season, decorations are up, and the presents have been (mostly) acquired and wrapped…but have you considered what you’ll serve? We’ve curated three festive menus that are perfect for your holiday dinner table. (Pictured above: Bucktown Mustard Brussels)

Comforting Crowd Pleasers

Feed your guests well with the prime rib roast, which uses ‘Cue Glue and Flat Irons Prime Rib Rub to create an incredibly flavorful crust. For a killer next-day leftovers sandwich, thinly slice prime rib and spread some crusty bread with any leftover Horseradish Dill Dip & Spread. Top with pickles or red onion and you’re guaranteed to have a new favorite ‘wich.

Something Different

Add some bold flavors to your table with a meal that is a little traditional and a little unique. Garam Masala provides sweet and warm spices, which is complemented by the Mulling Spices in the Spiced Apple Bake Spice ‘n Easy. Add a rich coffee-cocoa jolt to pecan pie, and stay refreshed with a beautiful (and alcohol-free) spice, herb, and lemon soda.

Dinner for Two

Even if you aren’t feeding a crowd, you can still have awesome food! Enjoy an easy “roast” chicken seasoned with your favorite spice blend—we recommend Cantanzaro Herbs—and a cold rice salad, perfect for a special occasion. Relax for dessert with the super easy microwave Chocolate Orange Mug Cake (that conveniently serves two!) and a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream.


No matter what spread you set up, make sure to snap a picture and tag #savoryspiceshop  on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram. We can't wait to see your Savory holiday creations!

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