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Flavor of The Month: Huli Huli Chicken! Free With $75+

Saffron Salt

Saffron Salt is only available in February.

Saffron Salt is a vibrant floral salt with delicate vanilla notes that comes in a giftable heart tin, perfect for a small Valentine's Day gift idea to make someone feel special! This 1 oz., heart-shaped tin of salt and saffron is pretty enough to sit out on your kitchen counter for easy access.

Saffron is one of the world’s most coveted spices. We’ve combined saffron spice with flaky salt to bring this extraordinary spice into your everyday cooking. Easily elevate both sweet and savory dishes by adding just a pinch of this gourmet salt.

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Saffron Salt Q&A

Which flower does the spice saffron come from?

Saffron comes from the flower of Crocus sativus, also known as saffron crocus. It is a light-purple flower where the red saffron strands are visible.

What is saffron spice used for?

Saffron spices are are commonly used in paella recipes, along with risotto or other rice dishes. It's a spice that adds a level of luxury and decadence in color, aroma and flavor. It can be applied to both sweet and savory recipes.

What is saffron salt used for?

Saffron salt is for elevating any of your favorite dishes with luxurious, gourmet saffron flavor. Stir salt and saffron spices into rice while cooking for a simple and impressive side dish, or try in desserts.

What does saffron taste like?

Saffron has a floral flavor & aroma that gives it a bit of brightness and uniqueness in taste. When paired with flaky sea salt, you get a luxurious gourmet seasoning salt that makes you feel like a 5-star chef.

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Black Pepper-Free









Kosher salt, natural vanilla extract (vanilla beans, water, propylene glycol, natural ethanol, natural flavors, caramel color), Spanish saffron