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Spice & Easy Meal Starter Spice Mixes Are 25% Off With Code EASYSUMMER

Bourbon Barrel Smoked Sugar

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Bourbon Barrel Smoked Sugar easily adds a sweet, smoky flavor to most sweet and savory dishes. Try finishing your baked goods off by topping with a sprinkle of bourbon smoked sugar. Add this smoked sugar seasoning to custard and pudding recipes. Smoked sugar is also a great rimming sugar for cocktails, especially smoky drinks. Substitute brown sugar with smoked sugar for smokier BBQ glazes or sauces. This was formerly known as Whiskey Barrel Smoked Sugar.

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Bourbon Barrel Smoked Sugar Q&A

How do you use smoked sugar?

Bourbon smoked sugar is great to use as a finishing sugar to sprinkle on your cookies, cakes and pies after baking. You can also use this bourbon whiskey sugar instead of brown sugar in your recipes for BBQ sauces or barbecue glazes.

How is smoked sugar made?

Smoked sugar is made by having sugar be exposed to the smoke from bourbon barrels, imparting a smoky infused flavor directly into the sugar.

How long does it take to smoke sugar?

It only takes a few hours for the sugar to be infused with smoky flavor from the smoking process. Most smoked sugars take around 3-4 hours for their entire smoking process to be complete.

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