The Best Secret Ingredient You’re Not Using Yet

Ashlee Redger
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The Best Secret Ingredient You’re Not Using Yet

Quick: name an ingredient that’s packed full of umami savoriness, ripe sweetness, and just a touch of tart acidity. If you answered tomatoes, you’re right! While those descriptions are perfectly apt for bright red, mid-summer tomatoes, it can be difficult to get the same deliciousness from the sad, pale tomatoes that fill grocery store produce shelves for the other three-quarters of the year. There’s good news though, and it comes in the form of Tomato Powder! (Pictured above: Mexican Style Vinaigrette

The powder consists of just one ingredient: dehydrated natural tomatoes. It’s an awesome option not only for replacing tomato juice, paste, and sauce, but it can also add flavors in unexpected places. If you can’t tell, we’re big fans.

Tomato PowderTomato Paste - Waste No More!


Tomatoes have high levels of glutamic acid, which is the molecule that creates a majority of the umami taste. It’s why tomato paste is a common ingredient in stews, marinades, and sauces: it is an instant flavor booster. If you’re like me, though, you always open up a can of tomato paste, use a few tablespoons, then forget about the remaining paste that inevitably ends up in the depths of your freezer. And then you open up a new can...every single time. Break that cycle by keeping a jar of Tomato Powder in your fridge (it’ll stay fresher that way) and use 1 part powder to 2 or 3 parts water, depending how thick of a paste you prefer for your dish.


Tomato Sauce & Juice

Mike's Super Thick Bloody Mary


You can also make a tomato sauce substitution using 4 parts water to every 1 part of Tomato Powder. This isn’t a suitable replacement for a thick, herb-and-garlic pasta sauce (which we’ve got you covered on anyway), but it can be used anywhere you would use a plain pureed tomato-style sauce in Spanish rice, soups, or curries.

If you need tomato juice, increase the water to 6 parts, plus more to thin as desired. With that secret, you can be the brunch-time MVP by pairing your “tomato juice” with Horseradish Powder and Cambridge Celery Seasoning for a thick Bloody Mary made with ingredients from your pantry.


Get Creative!

Bloody Mary Popcorn
Bloody Mary Popcorn


Perhaps what makes Tomato Powder the most special is not its ability to replace other products, but rather the fact that it’s a powder. You can sprinkle it onto popcorn, stir it into slaw, or create a salad dressing without adding the moisture and volume of tomato paste that it would take to infuse a dish with flavor.

Add it to homemade BBQ rubs, stir it into bread or pastry doughs, or use it as a flavorful garnish for deviled, scrambled, or poached eggs. A local Denver restaurant, Biker Jim’s Gourmet Dogs, even uses Tomato Powder to top their unique hot dogs! We love this product so much, we use it in almost a quarter of our Spice ‘n Easy offerings—can you guess which ones?


Pro Tip: Whether you’re cooking with fresh tomatoes, the canned stuff, or our Tomato Powder, try mixing in a little bit of Honey Powder. The subtle floral sweetness combined with tomato lends any dish the flavor of the freshest ripe and sweet summer tomatoes.

Obviously, we could continue to sing the praises of Tomato Powder forever. Is it already a staple in your home? What are your favorite uses? Let us know on social media @savoryspiceshop!


Comments on this Article

(guest), on April 07, 2018

I am a ketchup...though I prefer "CATSUP" lover from birth! ;-P And there are so many Savory Spice blends to create your own easy versions at home. My favorites: Caribbean All-Purpose Curry Powder, Homestead Seasoning, Mapuche Style Merken, Old Market All-Purpose Seasoning and Vindaloo.

(guest), on April 08, 2018

Tomato powder is a must. You can use it in many ways. I bake bread and use it (along with other herbs) to make themed loaves to match the meals being cooked. PS: We love Savory Spice! Have been shopping with them since they had their first store on Platte Street. Since then we went from Lawrey season salt only to a whole cabinet of different spices and herbs. A whole new level of Foodie!

(guest), on April 08, 2018

Can’t wait to try this!

(guest), on April 08, 2018

I love Savory Spice.So much to choose from and now I have to get some tomato powder.Don't have to waste anymore what left in cans when you only need a little of it.The customer service is the best at the Southlands store

(guest), on April 08, 2018

I love the tomato powder. I use it in dressings, on salads, in sauces and anywhere I want to add a hint of tomato goodness. Great on homemade focaccia bread with good olive oil a sprinkling of oregano and tomato powder. Top with a light shaving of parmesan cheese and you have a great bread with a good salad!!

(guest), on April 08, 2018

Teenage daughter became vegetarian last summer & loves tomatoes, can't wait to try this product. Alaskan produce is well-traveled and rather aged when it hits local shelves. We always eat at home -- this could be a godsend. Thanks for being amazing, Savory Spice!

(guest), on April 09, 2018

Have been using your tomato powder for quite a while. Love the Deeper tomato flavor it gives soups, stews, and anything else With a tomato base!

(guest), on April 09, 2018

Tomato powder does wonders for my meatloaf recipe!

(guest), on April 12, 2018

just bought some and I love it its so easy to keep on the shelf

(guest), on April 24, 2018

Your tomato powder is now a staple in my kitchen. I finally solved my challenge for a colorful, flavorful yet still al dente spanish rice using Savory Spice's tomato powder!

(guest), on April 24, 2018

How would you make tomato purée consistency with tomato powder?

Ashlee Redger (registered user) on April 24, 2018

Hello Terry, You can make a sauce-style puree using 4 parts powder to 1 part water, but if you'd like a thicker "puree" start with 5 parts powder and thin as desired. Hope this helps!

(guest), on April 24, 2018

I bought some a while back at my local store and I loved it when I used it for the first time, but when I went to use it again it is all clumped up hard as a rock. It's been sealed in it's glass jar on my spice rack, cool and dark like my other spices. Any thoughts to keep this from happening?

MollyMartin (registered user) on April 24, 2018

Hi and thanks for the question on this product clumping. We do recommend keeping it refrigerated for best results.

(guest), on April 24, 2018

Good to know, thank you Molly

(guest), on April 24, 2018

I suppose one could make tomato powder at home by simply dehydrating the hell out of some good toms, and then grind em princess! Is there something Special about the store-bought version?

(guest), on April 25, 2018

I absolutely love this product and have used it in many it in many recipes. It is a treasure!

Ashlee Redger (registered user) on April 25, 2018

You could dehydrate your own tomatoes at home to make a powder, but if you want to save time, effort, and quite a few tomatoes, you can go with a bottle of ours! If you make your own tomato powder at home, we'd love to hear how it turns out!

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