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Test Kitchen Approved

Grilled Pepper Steak Kebabs

Recipe By Savory Spice Test Kitchen


6 servings

Prep Time

20 Minutes

Cooking Time

10 Minutes

Recipe By Savory Spice Test Kitchen

A choice of BBQ rubs elevates simple and summery steak kebabs without any extra effort! This is a hit in our home. Your friends will be asking for your 'secret' Grilled Pepper Steak Kebabs recipe.

Recipe Notes

Special equipment: 12 metal skewers, or bamboo skewers that have soaked in water for an hour.


¼ cup lemon juice

¼ cup soy sauce

2 Tbsp. Dijon mustard

2 Tbsp. olive oil

1 Tbsp. seasoning of choice:

4 cloves garlic, minced

2 lbs. sirloin or ribeye steak, cut into bite-size cubes

1 red bell pepper, cut into 1-inch pieces

1 orange bell pepper, cut into 1-inch pieces

1 large red onion, cut into 1-inch pieces

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In a large bowl, combine lemon juice, soy sauce, Worcestershire Sauce, mustard, olive oil, seasoning of choice, and garlic. Whisk to combine. Add steak, peppers, and onion to marinade and toss to coat. Marinate on countertop for 15 to 20 min. Preheat grill for medium-high heat. Skewer steak, peppers, and onion, alternating ingredients. Grill skewers for 5 to 7 min. or until steak is cooked to an internal temperature of at least 145 degrees. Remove from grill and let rest 5 min. before serving.